About Us

Okay, so you have probably seen lots of gambling review sites on the internet, each giving their own take on which bookmaker or casino are the best to go with. And you might be thinking that this is just another one of those sites. Well, you are mistaken.

This site gets its information from someone currently on the inside. Someone who sees the other side of the track. Who knows what the tricks are and what to look out for. Someone who is going to pass this information on to you so that you can be aware of what is good and bad from the house point of view.

Bookmakers are well aware that punters today will go from offer to offer, bookmaker to bookmaker, review site to review site to get the best freebie’s and bonuses. They will try to entice you, the customer, to stay with them to keep betting, wagering and ultimately depositing your hard earned cash in their account.

This is gambling. It’s not a sure thing. Our goal is to help you navigate the industry and provide you with some inside tips and lead you to the best deals and websites.