A US perspective on sports betting

A lifelong avid sports fan living in the U.S., I’ve always appreciated the extra boost in excitement I get when placing a wager on a sporting event. Regardless of whether I’m physically at the event, watching on TV with friends or barmates or even home alone, the supercharged effect on the experience is a constant.  Of course, I’d also discovered long ago that betting on an otherwise inconsequential and uninteresting contest makes it, well… consequential and interesting.  Though I’m no psychologist — I am a gambler — I’d bet the perceived emotional charge has something to do with our identifying more closely with the event’s participants since now we, too, have something important to win or lose. (Any takers?)

For years, unfortunately, there were only a handful of ways I could place bets on sports (outside of a cross-country trip to Vegas).  If I were confident in a particular position, I could find a friend (or unwitting fool on the adjacent barstool) willing to bet against me.  Or, if I didn’t feel like sitting in a dark pub all day, I could call a friend or relative (my Dad, usually) who I knew would place the bet for me — my “beard” or “runner.”  Or maybe they’d just take the bet themselves. Who knows? I didn’t ask questions — as long as I was paid when I won.

Of course, with these limited options, I was only occasionally able to experience the thrill and enjoyment of sports betting.  Even worse, my betting infrequency left me a “square”, never really understanding sports betting and whether I was making a “sucker’s bet” or an advantageous, insightful one.  There are few things in life more humiliating than being laughed at publicly as one of your supposedly-more-knowlegable friends calls you out for your tiny…gambling acumen.  (Of course, that never happened to me, but I’d heard it has happened to others.)

When online betting first surfaced in the late 1990’s, there was still an aura of mystery about it that kept me away.  Were the sites reputable? Would they be around next week or would the sites (and my money) be gone with the dot-com wave of bubble and bust?  Could I get into any kind of trouble betting online? (I mean with the law – trouble with the spouse is a given.)

Today, with those fears long since assuaged, I can’t imagine betting any other way.  The web abounds with ultra-convenient, secure sites that may have been in existence longer than some of you reading this.  The sites offer bets on everything from the World Cup to (backyard badminton), live-betting on the wildest of in-game choices from a Messi brace to —–, and — if you’re a nerd like me who looks for any statistical advantage possible — many offer enormous amounts of historical data at your fingertips, The question is not whether to place bets online, but simply which online sports book is best for you.

And “best for you” is the key phrase here.  There is no “best” site — only “best for you.”  It’s a bit like choosing a spouse or significant other, except that — with online betting — you can play the field with whomever you want while you find out  which one has the qualities that best fit your needs.  Better yet, if you feel like sticking with two, three or more at a time, you can do it guilt-free forever! (There is, actually, one significant advantage to holding accounts with numerous books — read my post here.)

On the pages of SportBets4Me.com, you’ll find information that will help make your online betting experiences simpler, pleasurable and more profitable. Some of the content is based on my own experience at making the transition from in-person to online betting. Additionally, we include timely and relevant advice, data and comparative analysis that may just help tip the odds in your favour.

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